Hello everyone!

{Spanish Here}

Today's recipe is really easy. You could say that is not even a recipe; truth be told, it is something you can do in very little time and it does not need baking if you have the necessary ingredients ready.

Cakeballs! Maybe you have seen in some store of household appliances a machine that is built to do cakeballs. In my opinion, those are not necessary since the point of making cakeballs is using spare cake so it does not go to waste.



  • Spare cake from any cake.
  • Frosting or iogurt.
  • Chocolate (for melting) or frosting.
  • Sprinkles (optional).


  • Crumble the cake.
  • Add frosting or iogurt enough for you to be able to form little balls of dough.
  • Cover with melted chocolate or frosting. Let it cool.

You can put them on a long stick as if they were cake popsicles. Or do tiny cake bonbons, or decorate other cakes with them, whatever crosses your mind.

I hope you enjoy them!