Hello everybody!

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I'm afraid that there will no be any new recipe today... However, I have made a tutorial! Have you ever wondered how do patisseries make those amazing Macaron Towers? I did! And after a bit of reading, I braved one myself!

And no, it's not difficult at all! I promise, just follow the steps...

...and you'll end up with something like this!

This macaron tower is made of

Strawberry and White Chocolate Macarons


Chocolate Macarons.

 You can use as many flavors you want, though! And different colors!

You will need:

50 (or more, depending on your vase) Macarons

A glass vase or bowl

A paintbrush (that has not been used for painting, obviously)

Unsweetened chocolate (melted)

1. Paint the vase with the chocolate. You will need an even, kind of thick layer so the macarons can be stuck properly. Let it dry.

2. Take one macaron and dab the back of it with the paintbrush and a bit of chocolate.

3. Stick the macaron to the vase.

4. Repeat until you complete the base. When you start the next row, put them following a diagonal pattern.

5. Repeat until completing the whole vase.