Hello everyone!

Today's recipe has nothing to do with anything I have done before. It was the consequence to a promise I made a 6 year-old (a promise he has been reminding me about for months now) and that I could no longer postpone. I had to make a dragon cake for him. A dragon! And not any dragon, of course, it had to be "Toothless" from the movie "How to train your dragon". 

toothles cake

It was not easy. For starters, I had never used fondant. I am not a fan, actually, although I admit that some people are able to do amazing works of art with it. As I see it, is more similar to modeling clay than baking. And since I have never been very good in that department, I expected it to be very difficult for me. 

In order to bake a Night Fury, you will need a 33x19cm cake sheet, a little bit of buttercream ( had some leftover cookies and cream buttercream from this cake), about 375g of black fondant and some white fondant for the details. Also, some food coloring. 

After baking the cake and let it cool down, wrap it in cling film and put it in the freezer for -at least- one hour. The cake will be much easier to cut and carve when its a little bit frozen, since it will not crumble as much.

As you can see, I prepared some templates (1st picture) that I used to cut the basic pieces of the dragon; body, head and tail. Afterwards, I used the leftover cake to give it some shape and volume. Once it was ready, I covered it with buttercream; in order to smooth the imperfections and also to allow the fondant to stick to the cake better. 

To roll the fondant first put some olive oil on your hands and knead it for a little bit, up until the fondant is softer and elastic. Dust the countertop with some icing sugar and roll it with a (also dusted) rolling pin in order to reach a thickness of millimeter. It shouldn't be too thick, but be careful because if it is too thin, it will tear when you manipulate it. 

Place it on top of the cake and smooth it with your hands. 

Now it's time to add the details. All of them -horns, scales, wings, tail, etc.- were made with fondant and food coloring. I put some toothpicks inside the leg and the head so they would stay in place.

And that would be all! I have to say that poor little Toothless was eaten a day after these photos were taken... Poor, tasty little thing!