Hello everyone!

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I write this while suffering from the unbearable heat we have in Barcelona. In a dark room, in order to avoid the sun to make the temperatures escalate even more. It's not ideal, spending your summer in such a hot city, specially without the possibility of taking a dip whenever you need it...

This is why I decided to do this recipe. Ice cream. Homemade ice cream, easy to make. What could be better than this?

homemade two chocolate magnums

These homemade double chocolate magnum ice cream bars are delicious. The soft chocolate cream, coated with a white chocolate thin and crunchy layer, they are perfect. And easy! 

homemade ice cream bars two chocolates

The recipe is truly easy, you will only need a couple of gadgets. Ice cream silicone moulds, wooden sticks and some ingredients. Oh, and, of course, a little bit of patience, because you will have to wait for them to freeze...

homemade ice cream bars magnum



  • 125g milk
  • 40g cream
  • 15g procrema
  • 140g dark chocolate
  • 210g half full cream


  • 300g white chocolate
  • 100g cocoa butter


  • Heat the milk and cream lightly. Remove from heat.
  • Chop the chocolate and add to the hot milk mixture. Emulsify until smooth.
  • Add Procream to the mixture and emulsify again.
  • Gently add the half full cream, with round movements. Let it cool down.
  • Pour the mixture into the silicone moulds and set the wooden sticks. let it freeze for 24 hours.
  • Melt cocoa butter and chocolate separately.
  • Mix them while steadily stirring. Blend with the hand blender until smooth.

Coat the icecream by dipping them into the coating, take them out slowly and let them dry off for a few seconds.

double chocolate homemade magnum recipe

That's it! Are you willing to do them?